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Perimeter Defense


Rapidly test your employees, customers, fans, and anyone entering your facility with the TPT MedTech QuikLAB™. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the QuickLAB provides on-site COVID-19 testing services to entertainment venues, hospitals, businesses and communities where rapid incremental infrastructure is needed, including during emergency situations like pandemics and other natural disasters.

Now, you can get all the test you need done out-of-building, 24/7, eliminating the logistic challenges of conventional off site testing, saving you both time and money.

TPT MedTech is recognized for its strong engineering expertise, advanced medical systems and innovative solutions. The QuikLAB is made in the USA and offers a high-quality, cost efficient and climate controlled turnkey testing lab. Our engineering teams will work with you to build your QuickLAB to your specific requirements.

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  • A full testing lab on site with guaranteed rapid results

  • CLIA Certified Environment

  • Hospital grade finishes

  • Turnkey COVID-19 Testing Facility - operational within hours

  • Staffed by licensed medical professionals

  • Able to accommodate existing tests you have already ordered or can be supplied

  • with a full range of approved tests through our partner network

  • User friendly mobile scheduling and reporting app

  • Drive-thru or Walk-up capabilities

  • Easy establishes a safety perimeter prior to entering any facility

  • Identify and stop potentially infected individuals before entering your facility

  • Reduced Liability and Increased Safety


The ultimate solution for creating a safer work environment. Place SANIQuik™ Sanitizing Units at all entry points to provide a clear safety barrier prior to access. 

SANIQuik™ is recommended for long-term care facilities, manufacturing, hospitality, sporting venues, airports, business and government buildings.


  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses instantly with an organic sanitizing solution

  • Only 15 sec. for complete Sanitizing Process

  • Thermal Imaging (temperature in 1 sec) if high temp is detected there is a voice alert

  • Anti-Slip Roll-Up Platform

  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use (Internal lights for low light areas)

  • Infrared Motion Detection - auto on-off (no protective gear required)

  • Automatically sanitizes any carry through items (purses, briefcases, etc...)

  • Ultrasonic misting system prevents wetting

  • Simply connect the sanitizing solution, plug it in...ready to go

  • 2 Minute start-up

  • 2 Year Warranty (No Additional Cost)


Exclusively designed for schools,

entertainment venues, government buildings, and large office spaces.


Click here to see SaniQuick and QuikLabs in action.

15-Second Pass Through

240 People/Hour

1-Second Thermal Scan

Organic and Safe

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