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How We Operate

At Open Safe Solutions, we have assembled a powerful network of suppliers and vendors, each leaders in their category, to form a biodefense network that is unmatched in quality, reliability, and price. By choosing Open Safe Solutions to handle your biodefense and mitigation needs, you are working with the absolute best in the business. Our relationships have been carefully cultivated and vetted to ensure your needs are met.

We function as a true consultancy, not a re-seller or distributor, so choosing to contract with Open Safe instead of going direct to the supplier has no bearing on pricing, customer service, reliability, product quality, or anything of the sort. It just means you only deal with a single vendor, us, and we handle the rest.

Our job is to help you open safely and help you sleep better at night knowing you've done everything possible to minimize the risk of coronavirus and other pathogens inside your facility.

Our Partners

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