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Internal Defense


Guard against false test readings, or individuals who may be carrying the virus at levels too low to be recorded, by installing AIRow Light 2000 UV-C Air Treatment Systems.

These systems use HEPA filters and advanced UV-C Light treatment technology to destroy pathogens at the cellular level and prevent unwanted transmission inside hotel rooms, offices, meeting spaces, classrooms, or air circulation systems.

These solutions plug into regular wall outlets are portable, easy to use, and do not impose a significant strain on your facilities utilities usage.

AIRrow Light 2000 UV-C

Air Treatment System

The AIRrow Light 2000 UV-C Air Treatment System utilizes a two-stage High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter and purification process followed by UV-C light treatment. The technologically advanced system is designed to pull air away from breathing levels to the floor into the filtration and treatment system, which eradicates particles and decontaminates the air in large rooms and spaces.

The AIRrow Light 2000 destroys dangerous microorganisms in the air.

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Tomahawk UV-C Lamp

2000 and 3000 Series

The Tomahawk relies on UV-C technology to actively seek and destroy microorganisms in the air and on hard surfaces. With the Coronavirus being lighter than air, it must attach to dust particles to land on a surface. The Tomahawk decontaminates large open spaces with 99.9% effectiveness of destroying microorganisms and viruses in which it comes in contact.

The Tomahawk destroys dangerous microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

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Handheld UV-C Lamp

The lightweight handheld device is perfect for the disinfection of hand-to-clean surfaces such as remote controls, keyboards, equipment with many accessories, and inaccessible areas that require frequent wipe downs. It can also be used on bathroom handrails, toilet surfaces, sinks, cell phones, chairs, doorknobs, bed rails, tray tables, and more.

The Ultra-Light destroys dangerous microorganisms on surfaces.

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Further protect your organization with Mass Temperature Screening Systems to detect the infrared signature that people and objects emit. The system constructs and displays instant heat readings. Anyone targeted with an elevated skin temperature can be taken aside for further examination.

This system is very easy to use, self contained, and detects elevated termperatures in large crowds and environments.

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Go beyond "cleaning" as normal and neutralize the threat of COVID-19 exposure at the source, instantly, with Open Safe Solutions.

Paerosol is an all-natural, micro-aerosol disinfectant which is 80 times stronger than bleach and kills 99.999% of mold, bacteria, and viruses. The patented technology (USP 9156044) is an environmentally safe biocide and non-toxic to humans, animals and plant materials. Paerosol is

proven to be highly effective at killing dangerous pathogens on contact.


Paerosol is based in Charleston, S.C., and has obtained an exclusive and perpetual license from the U.S. Department of Energy to commercialize the Paerosol technology platform. Paerosol's patented disinfecting platform consists of two components - a fluid protection system ("FPS") and a micro-aerosol generator ("MAG50").

Paerosol has been thoroughly tested by US & Foreign government agencies and health organizations. The United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency ("DTRA") successfully tested Paerosol against a wide range of pathogens including bio-agents, (e.g. simulates of Anthrax and Ebola), common civilian and hospital born pathogens such as E. coli, C.diff and Salmonella, antibiotic-resistant microbes, and viruses including H1N1 (swine flu), H5N1 (bird flu), and MRSA.

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MAG - Micro-Aerosol Generator


The MAG uses a patented liquid and air dispensing system to convert a powerful disinfectant (“Paerolyte”) into a high-volume micro-aerosol with particle sizes ranging from 0.1 – 2 microns in diameter. The tiny microaerosol particles quickly permeate an entire room by diffusion killing bacteria, viruses, and mold everywhere they exist. The micro-aerosol is nontoxic, leaves no residue or moisture, and has no negative side effects

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Fluid Production System (“FPS”)


Paerolyte is 100 times more powerful than bleach, yet it is non-toxic and absolutely safe. There are NO harmful side effects. No skin or eye irritation and non-poisonous if ingested. Paerosol’s active ingredient is HOCL, a naturally occurring chemical produced by the human body to fight bacteria and inflammation. HOCL is a powerful EPA & FDA approved commercial disinfectant, yet is mild enough for extensive use in wound care and food production. Paerolyte is 100% certified organic and is incredibly effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and odors almost immediately on contact

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